A friend of mine sent me an article yesterday that I found very interesting.  Christians and hippies often say that fashion doesn’t matter – it’s a trapping of the world or no one cares or be your own person, or whatever.  Even I have wondered sometimes why I have a fashion blog – aren’t there more important things to talk about, like human trafficking or starving children or the plight of American civilization? 


But, fashion isn’t irrelevant, and thanks to this article, I feel a bit vindicated.  And maybe a bit convicted…

I’m definitely guilty of a few of these – good and bad.  Do any sound like you?

* Did you receive numerous lectures about the importance of wearing a dark suit for job interviews?
* Did you ever buy a certain piece of clothing because you were convinced it would help you fit in?
* Did you ever feel pride in wearing your team’s jersey on Friday at school?
* Have you ever written off a bar as “too hipster” only because of what its patrons wore? [or church – I’m looking at you, Wave]
* Have you ever felt humiliated because you realized your shirt was sheer?
* Have you ever felt superior because you knew you were the most stylish person in the room?
* Did you ever feel the ecstasy of wearing an affluent friend’s hand-me-downs?
* Have you ever enjoyed a party mostly because you liked your outfit?
* Have you ever been turned away from a restaurant because you were wearing shorts?
* Have you ever worn a miniskirt to a funeral?
* Did you go through a rebellious phase that manifested itself in wearing clothes your parents hated?
* Were you ever embarrassed by your mother wearing clothes that were too frumpy/too tight when she picked you up from school?
* Have you ever been called a gay slur because your pink shirt was deemed insufficiently masculine?
* Have you ever been called a “slut” because your boat neck shirt was deemed insufficiently modest?
* Do you ever judge racial minorities by their clothing?
Yes, fashion matters.

(Thank you to Lauren Rambo at Patheos.com for this article.  You can find the original here.)