This ain’t your grandmother’s suit.

 Unless, of course, your grandma happened to be Millie R., in which case – it actually is.

My grandmother was awesome.  She lived to be almost 92, and was one of the most dedicated Christians I know, always reading her Bible and praying for our family.  She was a world traveler.  She always carried that cool breath spray stuff.  And, she had impeccable taste.

My grandfather was the Clark Gable-lookalike mayor of the town; my grandma, the fashionable first lady.  Here’s a picture of them when they were dating…they’re beautiful.

Over Christmas, my mom let me sort through some old clothes from my grandmother, and I found lots of great things, including this seemingly never-worn suit.  You can’t really tell from the full-length picture, but in the side picture with the shoes, you can see it’s a grey pinstripe with cute little pleats on the skirt.  Perfect for me – professional, yet flirty – and I needed a new suit, anyway.

So, thank you, Granny, for being so classy and sassy.  I aspire to be half the fashion icon you were.