Yesterday, we took a look at how to make a cute winter date night look with a grey sweater dress.

Today, as promised, I’m going to show you how I wore the same dress in a completely different way – it’s almost unrecognizable.

I think the world would be a better place if people wore cowboy boots more often.  I have two pairs, and yet I hardly ever wear them.  But every time I do, I fall more in love, so I was excited to have an excuse this day.  My outfits evolve in many different ways – usually I pick one piece and build from there.  This time, I started with the dress (it’s new, so I still like to wear it a lot), added the sweater, realized it needed to be belted, picked out my favorite pair of patterned tights, excitedly discovered my cowboy boots worked great, and then finished off with some gold accessories (if you can’t tell, my necklace has a poodle and an Eiffel Tower on it – one of my faves). 

Like the famed LBD, my Little Grey Dress has the potential for greatness as a backdrop to an infinite number of outfit options.  You’ve seen two – you will probably see many more in the months ahead.