In 2011, Pantone’s Color of the Year was “Honeysuckle”, a pretty, bold pink with a hint of orange.  2012’s color of the year was “Tangerine Tango”, a reddish orange.  Combine those two influences, and the color of coral was everywhere this year!

While the pictures below are likely the worst I’ve ever posted on this blog (my bad, guys), you can still see how cute is this belt my friend Bethany gave me for Christmas. The flowers are only on the front – the rest is just woven stretchy material.  I chose my favorite coral-y pink shoes to match (seriously, these shoes get more compliments – from men, mostly – than any other pair I own.  I don’t know what it is), a turquoise necklace (turquoise and coral look great together – think of every Florida beach home you’ve ever seen), and then used neutral tans and browns to highlight the more exciting colors.  Oh, and my tank top has sequins.  Because I love them.

P.S.  Plus 100 points if you know why I titled this post what I did.