As I type this, I’m feeling a little bit like Dorothy, with a very real concern that my house might blow away.  Dorothy, though, makes me think of ruby red slippers, and ruby red slippers make me think of my red cowboy boots.  Natch.  So at least if I do get blown away, I will go out knowing I had a fantastic outfit.

A couple weeks ago, I went to see Kip Moore in concert.  If you don’t know Kip Moore, here is a picture of him:

You’re welcome.
Anyway, he’s country (obviously – his name’s Kip), so I wanted to look the part.  Usually when I go to concerts, they’re outside in the summer and way too hot for my boots.  This was an indoor venue in January, though, so out came the red ones.  To be honest, I kinda hoped he’d notice them from stage and call out the girl in the awesome red boots.  That did not happen.
Nevertheless, I think I had a pretty fun outfit, with my multi-colored beaded necklace that helped keep me from looking Christmas-y with a green bracelet and red boots.  I wore a brown tank top under my sweater to give it a comfortable, more earthy feel, and topped it all off with gold earrings.  

Alas, I was about the only person at the concert over the age of 22, and one of the few not wearing flannel.  But, I felt good about my choices – something many of my fellow-concert goers probably couldn’t have said.