Remember that time it was 75 degrees in January? I want to go back there. It was only a week ago, but as I shivered walking in to work this morning, it seemed like a lifetime.

I tend to dress for the weather, more than the season.  It may have been January 30th, but I was going to wear pastels and florals and people could judge me however they wanted.  (I also sometimes dress for how I want the weather to be, rather than how it actually is, but that’s the subject of another post.)

The floral top I’m wearing is, I think, actually a dress from one of those juniors cheapo stores.  Since I am neither a size 0 nor a skank, though, it functions quite nicely as a shirt.  I paired it with a cardigan from Old Navy – my go-to cardigan store – some earrings my boss gave me for Christmas, and a green bangle, in keeping with my green and purple obsession, albeit in different hues.

Because I’m not completely crazy, though, I did at least wear ankle boots and panty hose.  You’re welcome, everyone who saw me in real life – I didn’t want to blind you with my completely untanned winter legs.