Last week, a tragedy occurred.

I was just walking along, minding my own business, when all of a sudden, it felt like I’d stepped in a hole.  This has happened to me before, though, so instead of inspecting the carpet at my office for a hole, I checked the bottom of my shoe.  Lo and behold, the heel had broken.

One of my friends said that seeing this picture was like seeing a broken bone – shocking.  However, since I’ve had these shoes for over six years and probably paid about $12 for them, I think I got my money’s worth and was thus less devastated.  Unfortunately, I have to replace them now.  I say unfortunately not because I hate shoe shopping – that’s obviously not the case.  But, I do hate buying staples.  So boring.

Before the shoe broke, however, I did have on a great outfit.  I don’t wear a lot of orange, but I got this dress at Forever 21 and loved it.  It’s a little too dressy for the office regularly, but paired with a cardigan and dark tights, it does just fine.  The cardigan is from Old Navy, my usual cardigan supplier.