I’ve been sick the past few days,so all I really want to do right now is lay in bed in my favorite Colts sweatpants.  I definitely don’t want to wear work-appropriate clothing.

Since sweatpants are generally frowned upon in the professional world though, I will at least blog about comfortable clothing.

My mom gave me some blue skinny jeans for my birthday.  I don’t quite know how to describe the fabric – they’re so soft!  It’s like denim, they’re stitched like denim, and they fit like denim.  But, if they are denim, it’s the softest denim I’ve ever felt.  They’re almost suede.  Almost.

I’ve been asked to report where I purchased the items I blog about.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember where any of these things are from.  Except the earrings. I bought those at a mall kiosk in Colombia.  South America.

So, sorry I’m not much help, but let’s all hope for my speedy recovery, or I may just start wearing leggings as pants again