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Winter Wonderland

I really like winter white. It’s so crisp and refreshing, and reminds me of snow (sometimes painfully, since I live in the South and rarely get to see it).

I’ve had these pants for several years now.  They’re a little too big on me, to be honest, and somewhat look like pajama pants (they’re not – I promise).  But, paired with the right things, they’re a great winter staple.

Navy (yes, that sweater is navy, believe it or not), is possibly my favorite neutral.  In my opinion, it’s both more interesting and more flattering than black.  I wanted to keep this outfit simple, maintaining the crisp effect, so I limited my colors to neutrals and accessorized with pretty golds.  The result was a very polished and classic look that was also comfortable and warm.

My sweater is from Old Navy, the scarf a gift from the friend, the shoes – I don’t remember, but they’re ridiculously hard to walk in, so you shouldn’t go look for them, anyway.  And the pants I’ve had for so long, I just can’t recall. 

Tomorrow, we’ll look at a completely different outfit based around these pants.  There’s nothing I like more than a good mix-and-match!

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  1. Tres chic!

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