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Pretending to be Professional

Remember my blue, not-quite-jeans-but-I-don’t-know-what-they-actually-are pants I showed you last week?

I love them.  So much so, that I decided I would wear them to work (even though they could, possibly, be construed as jeans).  To get away with it, I made the rest of my outfit look very professional, adding a nice black blouse, a cute cardigan, and pumps.  And, I waited until Friday because if I were going to be judged, Friday judgers tend to have a bit more grace.

The result was a cute business casual look.  I kept my accessories simple, since the color of the jeans and the detailing on the blouse and sweater (and shoes, for that matter) attract a lot of attention.  The cardigan was a great find at Forever 21 – I love the faux lace trim and the cameo buttons.  The blouse is an old faithful (I literally bought it in college.  So, yesterday.) from Old Navy.  And my beloved flower shoes – a spring time staple – are from DSW. 

I assume by now you’re noticing a pattern – most of my wardrobe comes from four places, three of which I’ve just mentioned: Forever 21, Old Navy, DSW, and my grandmother’s closet.  The moral of the story: if you find a place that works for you, stick with it! 


  1. That necklace!!! <3

    I just started shopping at Old Navy, b/c I can’t afford Nordstroms anymore. Actually, I’ve never been able to afford Nordstroms, and I’m just now realizing it. But, seriously, I’m in love with Old Navy now. SUCH affordable active wear. Maybe you should start posting cute workout attire! I need suggestions for that.

  2. Love the cameo buttons, and the shoes are cute, cute, cute!

  3. Thanks, LM! I’ll admit, I’m not usually one of the cute girls at the gym. Colts t-shirt and yoga pants for me! But, if I come across something good, I’ll post it for sure!

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