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These Boots were Made for Walking

Since I was in Philly this past weekend, I was prepared for the worst weather-wise, and I lived in my “snow” boots.  I put the “snow” in quotes because most normal people would not wear heels of any type in snow.  I’m not a normal person, however, and these boots have way more traction than any others I own.  Plus they have fur.  So, they’re my “snow” boots.

Turns out, this precautionary footwear was unnecessary, but since these boots are pretty comfortable, warm, and cute, I didn’t mind too much.  Rounded toes aren’t really in style right now, but the overall look of the boots is current enough that I can get away with it.  I chose to wear leggings instead of tights for a little more warmth.

My skirt and belt came together from JCPenney back in the days when I still shopped there (JCP Execs – if you’re reading this, bring back your coupons!).  The skirt is actually one of my favorite examples of delayed gratification.  I had seen it early in the season and loved it, but it wasn’t on sale enough to suit my tastes.  I waited a little longer, and eventually, it went on clearance to a price that I could justify.

The turquoise top was a find at Aeropostale ages ago (so long ago that I still shopped at Aeropostale) and the headband I picked up somewhere along the way to add a bit of hippy flair.  I took a picture with my leather coat and scarf, too, because I just loved how perfectly this pretty scarf coordinated.


  1. Sarah ‘Bee, I love how your belt and broche go together….and I agree about Penney’s & coupons! What is the diff. between leggings and tights? Is it that the former has no feet? Love your outfits and your writing, so keep blogging!

  2. Leggings are thicker and footless. There are footless tights, but generally, tights are footed and not as thick as leggings. Leggings can be worn as pants (but shouldn’t), where as tights would never work. 🙂

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