It’s Friday, guys! Let’s celebrate the best way I know how – with floral shoes.

I meant to take a picture of these shoes from the side so you could see how absolutely ridiculous they are.  Someday, I’ll remember to do that.  For now, let me promise you, I am too old to wear shoes this high.  Perhaps if they were well-made shoes, I could get away with the height.  The more expensive the shoes, generally, the easier they are to walk in.  These are super cheap, though, so I hardly ever wear them, since hobbling around at a snail’s pace is generally frowned upon.

But, they’re so pretty!  And they were a good deal.  So, to celebrate sunshine and the happy prospect of a weekend, I paired my pretty, impractical shoes from Charlotte Russe (told you they were cheap), with a pencil skirt hand-me-down, and a blouse that was a gift from a friend.  The necklace was an inexpensive boutique find which kinda reminds me of the looking glass from Snow White.  I think I watch too much Once Upon a Time