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A Night at the Theater

Sometimes, my job takes me fun places.  Like to the theater on a Saturday evening to see Oliver!  When it does, I get to dress the part, wearing my little black dress with faux fur shrug, pearls, and my favorite teal heels.  See how fancy I look:

Sometimes, though, I fall.  Actually, fairly often.  It can never be blamed on the shoes.  I’ve worn the shoes above for years and have never had a problem.  I don’t usually fall in my highest stilettos.  I don’t even fall when my heels break.  There is absolutely no explanation for why this happens.  But when it does, I go from the classy lady you see pictured above, to this:

If that looks painful, it’s because it was.  To my pride, as well as to my knees.  And, I was mad because that was a really good pair of panty hose, and I hate buying new ones!

So, let this be a lesson to all of you.  No matter how great you look and feel, always hold on to the railing. Don’t be the person that brings Proverbs 16:18 to life.  I’ve done it enough for all of us.

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  1. Love the dress. Love the shrug. LOVE the pearls. Love the shoes. FANCY SCHMANCY, indeed! The torn hosiery? Not so much. But how was the THEE-AH-TUH, Darling?

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