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Maybe I’m not smarter than your average bear

What do you do the day after you fall down stairs? Dress like a park ranger, obvs.

Sometimes, my brain works a little funny. I knew I didn’t want to wear fabric over my knees after my fall, because they were still quite sore from being skinned up.  For some reason, though, it never occurred to me that I could wear a skirt and accomplish that objective until I was already fully dressed and about to walk out the door.  Which is why I wore shorts at the beginning of March in 40 degree weather.

Since I’m not completely crazy, I did add a wool blazer (a gift from my mother from Ann Taylor Loft) and boots (a gift from me from Charlotte Russe) to my ensemble to keep me from totally freezing.  It mostly worked, but it really just made me look like the aforementioned park ranger (or as one friend said, like I was going on a safari).

In theory, I like this outfit.  The colors coordinate well, and I felt very put-together.  In reality, though, I felt very exposed.  It’s funny how you can wear shorts all summer and think nothing of it, but wearing them out of season, you feel completely immodest and like everyone is looking at you in judgment.  Maybe they were just trying to figure out why I reminded them of Teddy Roosevelt in Night at the Museum.

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  1. You’re much cuter than Teddy!

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