Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a fashion blog. This girl meant to post on her blog regularly, but then she taught a class which consumed her life.  And she was sick for almost a month straight. 

One glorious weekend, this girl’s class ended and she got a crazy amount of catch-up sleep.  It’s amazing what sleep can do for this girl!  So, she decided to post again, with the goal of being faithful each day for a week.  Only time will tell if this girl can achieve her goal.

I have lately become more of an earth tones person than I ever was growing up.  I think there’s just something very sophisticated and adult about pairing different shades of the same neutral together, with one simple pop of color – in this case, the coral in my jewelry. 

You may recognize my favorite tweed blazer from the park ranger outfit of last week.  I wear it fairly often.  The shirt underneath was my grandmother’s (of course), and the jewelry came from a variety of inexpensive sources.  The shoes, sadly, are no more (here’s a review of that story), but they served me faithfully for many years.