Recently, I’ve had several people tell me that they’ve been inspired by my blog to spice up their own outfits a bit.


Seriously, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that a) anyone is actually reading my blog, and b) that anyone would ever use what I say to affect their own wardrobe.  

I’ve decided it would be nice to feature these people, since we can all learn from each other, and it also might be a nice way for me to say thank you to them for reading.  (Also, this makes me feel like a real fashion blogger, because InStyle magazine has a feature like this.)

First up is my lovely friend, Kara.  Kara and I have similar jobs, so we see each other on the road a lot, and it’s always comforting to see her smiling, friendly face when I’m in a new place.

And girl has pizazz!  One time, she showed me all the shoes she brought for a trip, and they put my collection to shame!

Like the ones here: 

Sparkle platforms.Is there anything better than that?  I love this outfit for a number of reasons.  One, Kara told me she started with her shoes and worked her way up – one of my favorite ways to build an ensemble.

Two, I love the unexpected color combo of turquoise and burgundy.  It really goes well together and it’s not overdone (unlike my go-to blue and green).  I also love the sequin top under the blazer.  This is a great way to wear sequins during the day – tone them down with conservative pieces.  And lastly, the same base neutrals – tan, brown, gold – tie the outfit together nicely.

Yay, Kara!  I love it.

If you have been inspired by something on my blog, please send me your pictures!  I’d love to feature you, too!