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All at once, one day, it’s Spring!

It’s the first day of Spring! If that doesn’t make you very happy, we might need to reevaluate our friendship.

I know it doesn’t feel or look like spring in many parts of the country. But, the calendar says it is, so I’m going to celebrate with bright colors! 

I told you last week about how I struggle with season changes, particularly when it comes to my leg wear.  Eventually, I just give up the battle and embrace my white legs, which is what happened here.  Fortunately, the weather was a little warmer, so at least I didn’t freeze, even if other people were blinded. 

The skirt was a hand-me-down from a friend, and I love it.  It’s very professionally cut, but the unconventional color keeps me from feeling bored.  I paired it with a black t-shirt that I tucked in, but thanks to the detailing on the skirt, didn’t need a belt.  The jacket was a Christmas gift, and it’s from Rue 21 – I know, who still shops there? (Actually, I do for cheap accessories, but that’s another post.)  But, from a juniors store or not, this jacket is very cute and has withstood several years of wear, so I’d say I got a good deal.  

My shoes are an unusual color to wear with blue and green, but their blue detailing tied everything together nicely, and my jewelry also completed the look with a gold base and reflections of the green and turquoise in my clothing.


  1. There is nothing tasteful or trendy about looking like you fell into a thrift store dumpster. Or that you robbed a grandma.

  2. Thanks for reading, Anonymous! I’m sorry that we have a difference of opinion on style, but that’s one of the best things about fashion – there’s room for all types!

  3. I think you should be flattered, SB. It appears you’ve got a troll, which is one of the many badges of honor a blogger must earn. Suck it, anon.

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