Today, I’m going to feature another one of my pretty friends who took something from my blog and made it her own!  I meant to make this a regular feature on Wednesdays, but I forgot that yesterday.  So, Thursday is the new Wednesday!

Erin is a friend from church – I wish you could see her face in this picture, because she’s adorable.  She and her husband are expecting their first baby in a few months, so Erin has had to start being a little more creative with her wardrobe as her body changes.

A couple weeks ago, she sent me a message that, thanks to the blog, she had tried belting a sweater over one of her dresses.  The following was the result:

Doesn’t she look great?  Using pieces she already owned, Erin created a new outfit that leaves her some room to grow.  The best part of this ensemble is that the dress was really too big in the top for Erin, so she hardly ever wore it.  By adding a belt and a sweater, she now has a great go-to professional look that fits perfectly!

Here’s a challenge:  Is there something in your closet that you hardly ever wear?  Using a little creativity, how can that piece be reworked so that it no longer just hides in the back collecting dust?   

And, if you’ve been inspired by something on my blog, let me know!  I’d love to feature you next Wednesday (or Thursday – you know, whenever).   Thanks for the cute outfit idea, Erin!