Sometimes I feel trapped in a rut of professionalism.  Not that I don’t like dressing professionally.  I do.  But often business options are a little limited.  Sure, I’m a pro at mixing and matching, but I still largely end up staying in the jacket/cardigan arena, especially in the winter, and that can get old.

How I wish I worked in one of those “creative” jobs where you were encouraged to dress in a way that best expressed yourself (those exist, right?).  Of course, I would probably need to be creative to land one of those jobs, but dare to dream.  Maybe one day I can be the cool mom who stays at home, but still dresses up to go to Trader Joe’s (because I can afford to feed an entire family exclusively from Trader Joe’s.  Since we’re dreaming.)

Until then, I have Saturday and Sunday to branch out a little more (and this week, Friday – yay, Easter!).  Today and tomorrow I’ll be showing you a couple less business looks, starting with the one below.  You may recognize this scarf.  The skirt is a summer staple from Old Navy, but seeing as we got snow AGAIN today (who’s ready for beach weather?!), I had to pair it with tights.  The jewelry looks like it doesn’t match, but it really is more coral than the picture implies.  And I chose turquoise earrings (a gift from Francesca’s Boutique) to add a little bit more color and to pick up the hint of turquoise in the scarf (which you also can’t really see; sorry I’m a bad photographer).   

Oh, and don’t mind the stuff on my floor.  I cleaned out my car yesterday, which means my room is now a mess.  It’s a process.