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I am currently away from the office

Today, let’s take another look at an out-of-office outfit.

For some reason, I’ve lately been living in flat shoes.  I think it’s because I need new heels (like, for real – I have 70 pairs of shoes, but a lot of them, especially my staples, are really old and need to be replaced stat).  Unfortunately, my legs are really too short to wear flats well. You can see how I look a little stumpy in this picture, even though where my top hits and the dark wash of my jeans give me longer lines.

Alas, my feet, knees, and sometimes practical nature will not always allow me to wear heels, even when I am well-stocked in shoes (plus, I was on my way to BWW to watch basketball and I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard). So flats sometimes win, short legs and all.

Starting from the bottom, my shoes are from Forever 21, where I paid, I believe, $4 for them. The jeans are from Old Navy (and they are not the Rock Star fit. There seems to be a prominent misconception that, that style looks good on everyone. It does not.) My top is from Marshalls, and it makes the former French major in me very happy. And per usual, my jewelry comes from a variety of sources…

It may be weird to wear an Eiffel tower shirt to a sports bar to watch a basketball game, but when your team didn’t even make the tournament (I’m looking at you, Kentucky!), you have the luxury of dressing however you’d like.  It’s the silver lining. 


  1. Sarah ‘Bee, as for those very cute shoes, flats do NOT make you look stumpy. As for the very cute shirt, Vive la France!

    Have a trendy day! 🙂

  2. Haha. Thanks, Aunt Linda! 🙂

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