It’s time for another look from one of my friends who really doesn’t need my advice but reads my blog, anyway (thank you to the many of you in that category, btw): Bethanne!

This girl is a phenom.  For one thing, she’s a mom, and that’s always admirable to me, especially in someone as adorable as Bethanne.  She’s also a great photographer, in the military, and an all-around fun person.

And, girl does business casual wonderfully! Last week, she posted a couple pictures to Instagram of her great looks.  There are few things as classically stylish as a button down Oxford shirt.  Bethanne’s first outfit features a blue version, under a simple black cardigan – crisp, simple, and sophisticated.

In her second outfit, Bethanne switches out the blue shirt for it’s even more classic white cousin, and she pairs the tops with khakis for the perfect neutral combination.

Of course, being tall, thin, and beautiful, Bethanne is one of those people who could wear whatever she wanted and look great.  But, sometimes a day requires moving away from trendy towards classic, and when it does, a cardigan and button-down is one of the easiest ways to achieve that look flawlessly.  Thanks for the great ideas, Bethanne!

If you’ve been inspired by something you’ve read on my blog, or if you just have something you’d like to share, please let me know!  You can reach me via facebook (if you already know me) or at inhershoes77 AT gmail if you don’t.  I can’t wait to see what all of you fashionable people are wearing right now!