Today begins the first of several Easter posts. Why? Because I love Easter. Seriously, the past few years it has become one of my favorite holidays.  There is no hassle with Easter.  I suppose if you have kids, egg hunts and baskets create a little hassle.  But, there’s no crazy hustle and bustle at the malls, no going broke or worrying about offending someone you forgot to put on your gift list.  It’s just pure celebration of the most important event in history – Jesus’ resurrection.   Good Friday is somber and reflective; Easter Sunday is fun!

Plus, Easter is usually warm and sunny and everyone looks beautiful in their bright colors and hats (I’m a huge fan of hats).  Picking my Easter outfit is one of my favorite tasks each year!

The outfit below isn’t particularly Easter-y – I generally don’t like black in an Easter ensemble.  However, I did wear the blue dress for Easter a few years ago, and the belt with a different dress another year.  So, it reminds me of Easter, anyway.

The dress was a great Dillard’s find (they do have a really nice dress department), and I’m happy to say it fits me better now than when I bought it.  Yay, vegetables!  My shoes you’ve seen a lot…I find myself drawn to the same pairs quite frequently.  And the headband was a fun find at Forever 21.   

Satin is usually not a work-appropriate material, but with the cardigan, wide belt, and more casual shoes, it can pass.  I like to make all of my clothes as mult-purpose as possible.