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Inspired Looks: Catherine

Today’s Inspired Look is brought to you courtesy of my friend Cat.  If you don’t know Cat, you are missing out, because she’s awesome.  And clever and funny.   And awesome.

Because she is so clever, I’m going to let Cat describe her ensemble to you herself, rather than me spoil it. Enjoy!

I wanted to go with a more casual look when I walked Corpy [Corpus Christi – her dog] in the spring flurries. I started with classic Ugg boots that I found when we moved out of the beach house and paired them with sweatpants from high school and a hoodie from college (this season it’s all the rage to mix clothes from different periods of your life). I finished it off with chipped Chinchilli nail polish to complement the grey sweats. Corpus only leaves the house with matching pink lobster collar and pink leash (shown here wearing her ears up). 

*Editor’s Note: Uggs are only acceptable when worn in satire. Or while walking a dog.


  1. hahaha, oh Cat. You put us all to shame with your flashy ensembles.

  2. Love it. I take all my style notes from Cat.

  3. As we all should, Camden.

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