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Boot Scootin’ Boogie

This weekend, I went to my happy place: a honky-tonk.

I love line-dancing (even if I only know how to do about three of them), and I love two-stepping (assuming the guy isn’t creepy – not always a guarantee), and I love wearing cowboy boots.  So, a honky-tonk is really one of my favorite places on earth.

I wrote a lengthy post after my birthday about this very establishment and what I chose to wear in celebration, but it kept getting deleted, and I kept getting frustrated.  So, to recap, here is that outfit:

I decided to class up my boots with some lace, and I liked it.

This weekend, I chose a burnt orange, asymmetrical dress that I wore to a friend’s wedding in September – it might be good luck, because I caught the bouquet.  Unfortunately, I think the bouquet was faulty.

The dress is from Forever 21, and I accessorized with golds, browns, and greens.  I also left my head in this picture, even though I hate myself in selfies, because I was super impressed with how good my hair looked.

 I didn’t dance all that much, but a 50 year old Willie Nelson look-alike did ask me to dinner, so I guess the outfit worked for someone.   What do you think? 


  1. OMG, Sarah ‘Bee, you didn’t say “yes” to that 50-year-old Willie Nelson look-alike, did you? Please say NO!

  2. Haha – I did not, Aunt Linda. I politely made up some excuse that did not sound like, “You’re twice my age…”

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