So, spring is here. For real this time.  To celebrate, I pulled out an orange maxi skirt and wedge heels – because does anything say spring more than an orange maxi and wedge heels?

As you know, I love that I have clothes from my grandmother’s closet – a totally trendy thing to do right now, btw.  Thanks, Macklemore. This skirt was my grandmother’s.  I know, it’s hard to picture a sweet old lady wearing a bright orange maxi skirt.  Since she probably wasn’t wearing it at 90, right before she passed away a few years ago, I’m thinking this skirt comes from the last time maxis were in style – the 1970s.  So, it’s authentic vintage, y’all!

My denim jacket is from Ann Taylor Loft – which probably means my mom bought it for me.  The shoes are from Charlotte Russe, which means I bought them more than six months ago, when I decided I needed to start buying adult shoes. 

The sleeveless top underneath is not exciting in the least.  What is exciting, though, is I took off my jacket while I was outside for most of the afternoon and I got sunburned!  Ordinarily, I feel guilty about not taking care of my skin when I get burned; the first burn of the year, though, I’m simply too happy about sunshine to care. 

Thanks for joining the party, spring – never leave us again!