My heart is heavy today.  It seems like every day now, something tragic happens, each incident just as bad, if not worse, than the day’s before.  Both of this week’s major crises have touched close to my heart.  Boston is my favorite city in the world – my adopted home.  I had friends both running and watching the marathon on Monday, as I do most every year.

West, Texas was the original home of my first boyfriend.  I stopped at a gas station there once long after we’d broken up, and the girl working the counter was his cousin – that’s how small of a community it is.

I don’t understand why these things keep happening.  Maybe it’s not really new; maybe I’m just now old enough to realize that life is hard.  But, it seems to me that life is getting harder; tragedies are becoming wider-reaching, and society is turning on itself.

Yet, in all of this, there remains hope.  America is still the greatest country on earth (at least in the hearts of those of us who live here).  Last night’s National Anthem at the Bruins game confirms that (if you missed it, it’s a must-watch, here). 

And, even in the midst of tragedy, life must go on.  We go to work, we carry on, we begin to heal and have fun again.   We get dressed. 

So, as flippant and shallow as fashion may seem in the light of such great sadness, it is a part of returning to normalcy, as much as possible.  I pray that our new normal would be one in which these tragedies no longer happen. 

* Shoes: Payless; Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft; Shell and skirt: hand-me-ups from my younger sister.