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Black and Brown all over

One of the worst things about working in an office in the spring and summer (warning – what I’m about to write is definitely a first world problem) is the air conditioning. It can be 90 degrees outside, but in my office, I still have to use my contraband space heater to avoid turning into an icicle.  Not only is this a poor use of electricity,  it also makes dressing difficult because I still have to wear layers in the middle of July.

It’s not yet July, though, so I suppose I should temper my complaints and be grateful that cardigans are cute, even if I am just sick of them.

For this look, I started with my shoes (as is often the case).  I’ve hated leopard print for years, but lately, I find myself being drawn to it in more subtle ways, like shoes or a scarf.  I even tried on a leopard print blouse yesterday.  An intervention may soon be necessary.

The shoes were one of my Payless steals ($10, I think, and super comfortable) and those capped toes are very in right now.  I will say these shoes would be slightly more stylish if the toes were pointy, but they still work.

My cardigan is from Gap Outlet, and the blouse is an OLDIE…but goodie from Old Navy (I’ve literally had this shirt since I was a junior in college which, sadly, was a long time ago).  The earrings add an unexpected contrast in color and the brown belt works with a black shirt because the shoes combine both shades.

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  1. Like the shoes, Sarah ‘Bee! Just enough animal print! Have a great day. 🙂

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