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The Art of Distraction

Every girl needs at least one good black blazer.  It’s a perfect go-to piece, whether you throw it over a blouse for insta-professional, or pair it with skinny jeans and a sparkly top for a classy night-out look.

I went the more professional route for work the other day, combining the blazer with a ruffly skirt so I didn’t look too stuffy. 

The thing about this blazer is it makes me look a little boxy.  I almost didn’t buy it for that reason.  But then I realized it was $7.50 at H&M, and I’d get at least $7.50’s use out of it.  To distract from the boxy-ness, I put a scarf behind the lapels and tied a knot at both ends so it wasn’t too long.  The scarf was a Christmas present from my mom, and it was the perfect color to add to this otherwise neutral outfit of black, off-white, olive, and gray. 


  1. Sarah ‘Bee, your Mama no doubt got her sartorial savvy from her own Mama! I also love your skirt. Where is it from? Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks, Aunt Linda. I can’t remember where the skirt is from, actually. I think TJ Maxx or somewhere similar, but I’ve had it a long time!

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