The key to success in life is compromise. (And a well-stocked chocolate supply, but let’s focus on compromise.)

The past few days it has been nothing but overcast and rainy – i.e., depressing.  I’ve always dressed for the weather, for some reason.  Not temperature wise, necessarily – I’m often freezing or sweating – but mood wise.  So, if it’s rainy, I can’t bring myself to wear my bright colors.  Likewise, you’ll almost never see me in black on a pretty, sunny day.

When it’s overcast for days on end, though, I have to add some color or risk getting depressed myself.  So, I decided to stick with the black base and liven it up with springy accessories – a butterfly necklace, pumps with a flower adornment, and green, yellow, and blue accents.

My hope was to trick the weather with some spring color into remembering it’s time for April showers to end and May flowers to begin.  I’m not sure I was successful, but at least I felt better about life by doing it.