It’s Friday, gorgeous outside, and I’m off work.  Let’s celebrate with a nice summery, casual outfit!  You may remember this skirt from a little over a month ago – it was my grandmother’s, presumably authentic vintage.  Maxi skirts are a little easier to wear without looking pregnant than maxi dresses, but they also can look very frumpy if not worn correctly.

I decided to wear mine with my new chambray shirt – a $10 deal at TJMaxx!  Chambray is one of those classic looks that never goes out of style, but, like polka dots, is really stealing the limelight right now.  To keep with the kinda bohemian chic look, I added lots of bangles (including some wooden ones), my favorite “Love” necklace (nothing says hippy like the word love.  Unless it’s the word peace), and some cute ruffled sandals that were also from TJ Maxx.  They’re a little big on me, but they were $3, so I make them work – wouldn’t you?

In my earring photo, you can maybe tell that my hair is wavy.  The beachy wave look is very in this summer (although, I live by the beach – I don’t think it ever really goes out), and I wanted my carefree hair to match the breezy attitude of my outfit.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!  More styles on Monday!!