You may remember my post last week about polka dots.  I’m a bit obsessed.  This pair of capris came from my sister or mom, I think, and they’re super cute.  Unfortunately, they’re also small, so I can’t wear them except on my skinniest days.  Luckily for me, today happened to be one of them.

I realize now that the print is a bit hard to see, but I can describe it to you: white pants, black dots.

I paired the pants with one of my Macy’s shoe finds – the bi-colored shoe coordinated well with my two-tone pants.  And to keep the rest of the outfit simple (and somewhat professional), I added a blue silky top, a splash of color in my bracelets, and earrings to tie it all together.  I like the mixing prints trend, but it’s really hard to pull off.  A printed earring with printed pants is a very risk-free way to do it.

Finally, I included a picture of my hair.  Thanks to pinterest and youtube, I’m learning all kinds of new, fun things to do with my hair (you know, things most girls learned when they were 14).  This look was the result of pin curls – an easy, no-heat way to curl your hair overnight.  I have to go no-heat as my hair will not hold a curling iron curl to save its life (also: I have no skills).  I still haven’t quite mastered the pin curl – the ends get a little kinky from me twisting the wrong way.  But, overall, I was happy with my beachy, big-hair look.  (This is the tutorial I used.)