When I was in sixth grade, I once went an entire week wearing a unique smiley-face themed outfit to school each day.  I loved those yellow balls of happiness, and I wanted the world to know it.

Apparently, polka dots are my adult version of smiley faces.  Quite unintentionally, I can’t seem to get off this kick.  And I’m okay with that.

I just bought this dress last night (from Forever 21, obvs).  Really, it’s too short for work without tights or leggings.  But, it’s so cute and looks professional aside from the length, I couldn’t resist wearing it at least this once.

I should have taken a better picture of the front detailing – it has a loose tie at the bottom of the neckline.  I also had trouble accurately capturing the color (and was running too late to try to fix it), so my random sleeve picture is the best representation.

The pearls just seemed fitting with the overall vintage feel of the dress.  I sadly was absent pearl earrings, so my diamond-esque studs filled in. 

I will say, these shoes are not my first choice with the dress.  They work fine, but I would have much rather worn these:

Unfortunately, already too-short hemlines and four inch heels do not pair well at the office, so I will reserve that look for my next date…you know, whenever that is.