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The Week of the Polka Dot

I’m going to be honest – I’m a little tired of blogging polka dots. But, I might as well finish out the week, especially since this outfit is a patriotic nod to Memorial Day.

I bought this shirt when I was in grad school (and about 20 pounds heavier), but since it ties in the back, it works at many different sizes.  It looks really cute when it’s freshly ironed.

I hardly wear it, though, because it’s linen, so freshly ironed lasts for about three minutes.  And as the day goes on, I look more and more pregnant (empire waists have a tendency to do that), and the ends start to curl, causing it to hang weird. So, keep this image I took first thing fresh in your mind, and don’t look at me the rest of the day.

As a bonus today, I’m throwing in a picture of my face.  You all know there is nothing I hate more than selfies – there is a reason my head is cut off in every post I ever show you.  But, I really liked the red lipstick with this outfit, so I thought I’d show you.  This picture is the best out of like 10, and my nose still looks like it’s taking over my face, but I do like the lipstick.  The things we do for our fashion blogs.  (Oh, and these curls are my favorite pinterest headband curls.  SO EASY.  Here’s the tutorial.)


  1. Your nose is lovely. 🙂 And those curls look fun! I wonder if it would work with my massively long hair….

  2. Your nose looks in perfect proportion to your face. Oh the things we notice about ourselves… Love the red lipstick!!!

  3. Thank you, Sarah. 🙂 And Naomi…it might! It worked for my sister – her hair isn’t as long as yours, but significantly longer than mine. It’s worth a shot!

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