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Sunshine and Summertime

I hope everyone had as blissful a weekend as I did! A day off work, celebrating our military, combined with gorgeous weather, equals my idea of perfection. 

Saturday, the weather was beautiful and springy – a little cool for my first official weekend of summer liking – but great for wearing my new skinny jeans and Keds.  I say Keds like you say Kleenex – it’s a brand name that covers all similar products, because these are not name brand Keds.  Somewhere along the way from age 10 to age whatever I am now, Keds got all fancy and expensive.  So, I bought this pair from H&M which I like just fine.

My purple skinny jeans are from Forever 21 – and I think angels started singing when I tried them on.  Not because they look AMAZING on me, but because they actually fit at all.  You’ve probably heard me complain about colored skinny jeans.  For some reason, every manufacturer feels the need to make them SO tight that even my relatively thin legs look like stuffed sausage in them.  I have two pairs from Kohl’s that work well, but otherwise, I had written off colored-jeans as an impossibility. 

However, I’ve lost a few pounds recently, so when I saw this pretty color at my fave store, I had to at least try them.  And lo and behold, they worked!  I really do think those few pounds made the difference.  Having said that, though, let me make this clear – anyone can (and should!) look trendy and fashionable at any size!  There are so many choices out there; it’s all about trying things on and knowing what works and what doesn’t for your body shape.  However, for me to wear colored skinnies from F21, I had to lose just a little bit.  These are my celebration pants. 


  1. I love the outfit, especially the skinnies with keds, but I really love those earrings! 😉

  2. Thanks, Bon-Bon! I have them in pink, too. 🙂 Did you give them to me? They look like something you would have.

  3. Haha. I know I have a similar pair that I could have sworn you gave me. I’m frequently asked where I bought them, but I’ve always said that you’ve gotten them for me. Who knows!?

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