I like to reserve Wednesday’s blog position for “inspired looks”.  Hope springs eternal that someone will have read something on my blog that prompted a new look or outfit and I can feature them (Cat’s Inspired Look remains my most popular post of all time).

In the absence of such a post, and since I took the holiday off on Monday, I thought I’d go ahead with my usual today.

Lately, I’d been very concerned that I’d lost my shopping mojo.  I’d buy a piece here and there, but I hadn’t had a good shopping trip in months, and I was worried my love was fading.

It wasn’t.  Last Wednesday, I went to the mall to kill some time before church.  I never made it to church.  Instead, I came away with quite a haul of new fun things, including this shirt.

You know I love my cheap stores for belts and other accessories.  But I rarely – if ever – buy clothes from those stores since the quality is so poor and the cuts made for pre-pubescent girls.  However, Body Central had a huge clearance, so I had to take a look.  I found this shirt (and another) for $4 each, and since both were blousy, I knew I could make them work, even if I am not 13 years old.

This shirt looks a little funny unbelted, but I love it with my sparkly belt (also from Body Central, BTW).  I kept the overall look neutral to accent the belt and not compete with the femininity of the blouse.  But, because I’m still me, I had to have a little color, so I added some turquoise earrings.  I don’t know why my hair is in this picture, except I guess because it looks cool.

Please send me pictures of YOU to feature so I don’t look so narcissistic all the time!  Or, don’t forget – if you have a piece you don’t know how to style, send me a picture of that, too, and I’ll come up with some options for you!