You all know how much I love to mix and match. As if there were not enough clothes in my closet already, by wearing them in a totally re-invented way, I expand my wardrobe exponentially – an important skill, I think, for anyone on a budget.  Or who bores easily.

You may recognize this shirt from yesterday’s post.  It was one of my four dollar finds.  Since I’ve been on this red-lipstick kick, I wanted to wear a more neutral outfit that would really allow my makeup to shine.  I tucked the shirt in to a linen skirt I bought in France years ago (that makes me sound so fancy, but I’m pretty sure it was at H&M in Paris), added my cool new 80’s-throwback belt (also from Body Central for $2), some gold jewelry, and a couple splashes of red in my earrings and shoes to coordinate with the lipstick (which I didn’t show you, because one face selfie a week is more than enough).  The result: an outfit that I loved and felt so classy in, and a completely different look for my $4 blouse.

P.S.  I know I am blogging the same shirt two days in a row, but I promise I did not actually wear it two days in a row. 

Blouse: Body Central
Skirt: somewhere in France
Belt: Body Central
Jewelry: assorted cheap stores
Shoes: Macy’s