I know its hard to believe, but I do own t-shirts. Most are sports-themed (I have a whole method/theory on meeting men by wearing sports paraphernalia – I’ll tell you about it sometime).  Also, most are relegated to the gym and/or moving days.  

Except one.  If you know me at all, you know that I’m in love with Mr. Timothy Richard Tebow.  Or Timmy, as his mother and I like to call him.  Apparently, I post about him a lot on facebook, as one of my facebook friends – who I don’t know super well in real life – sent me a link last year to buy the amazing t-shirt I’m wearing below.  Unfortunately, I bought this shirt before I knew that Timmy wouldn’t play a lick for the Jets, and now that they’ve released him, I’ll have to get a new t-shirt (unless he ends up on the Packers or Eagles; unlikely, but I’ll hope for it, so I can keep my shirt.  I already have a useless Broncos Tebow shirt.  A third one would just be excessive.)

If you’d like to get your own I <3 TBow tee, you can check them out here.  I wanted to keep my weekend look casual, but still put together, so I wore my fake Sperry’s (I really like them better than the real thing, actually – they are a little more feminine with a shorter toe), a watch, and some cute earrings that have a touch of green, but also add another color to the outfit.

Shirt: online; see the link
Shorts: no idea
Shoes: DSW
Earrings: gift
Watch: Wal-Mart before I started boycotting them