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Inspired Looks: Tabitha

My lovely friend Tabitha posted this picture on my facebook wall yesterday:

It’s a necklace she got as a birthday present, but she wasn’t sure how to style it.  Sometimes statement jewelery can be a bit tricky, but I was happy to come up with a few different looks that might work, thanks to my good friend Polyvore

Since this necklace speaks for itself, I didn’t want Tabitha’s clothes to compete for attention, so I kept them a bit more subdued.  I also tried to stick with pieces that someone would be likely to have in her closet (or that are easy to find).

Look 1: Boat neck tops work well for statement necklaces, as the high neckline allows the necklace to hang over the shirt and be highlighted against the background of the cloth.  The gold watch coordinates with the gold mother of pearl specks in the necklace, and the black sandals brings this casual look together.

Look 2:  I always like an open neckline as a backdrop for a bold necklace, so in look two, I chose a wide V to show off the accessory.  I would put a black belt on the sweater, but unfortunately, Polyvore wouldn’t let me change that part.  You know I love mint green, and the jeans bring out the hints of green in the necklace, with the gold accessories tying all the pieces together for a clean, not-quite-hipster ensemble.

Look 3: Finally, I chose a dressier look.  The beads give this necklace a more casual feel, but it can still be a dressier piece if necessary.  For this outfit, I went with a strapless dress (Tabitha totally has the frame to pull one off) that would again allow the necklace to be a focal point, added some neutral accessories so she wouldn’t look like she was going to a funeral, and because I can’t live without color, popped on a green bangle.  A sky blue would also have worked well for the bracelet.

And there you have it.  Three different ways to wear a great necklace!  I intentionally avoided earrings in any of these outfits, as they could easily compete with the necklace. With some trial-and-error, though, it might be possible to wear both. I hope that was helpful, Tab – thanks for asking! 

If you have any pieces you’d like me to style – whether you just don’t know how to wear them or you need a fresh idea on an old faithful – send them my way!  I’d love to help!


  1. Great job on all outfits, Sarah ‘Bee!

  2. Great job on all three outfits, Sarah ‘Bee!

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