Yesterday, it rained. A lot. I had gambled that it was going to be one of those summer days where there is constantly threat of rain, but nothing much ever happens; I lost. 

So, in typical Sarah Beth fashion, I was very inappropriately dressed for the deluge that was yesterday’s weather.  I wore my new favorite sheer shirt (it’s so versatile – don’t judge), with a cute ruffled skirt from Old Navy, and some cloth shoes I just bought at Forever 21.  (I know I’d sworn off cheap shoes, but these were so cute and SUCH a good deal, how could I say no?)

Well, if I had never ventured outside yesterday, my outfit would have been fine.  But, I met a friend for lunch.  Lunch was beautiful.  The walks to/from my car were not.  I really wish someone had been around to film me trying to walk back into the building – I felt like I was in a sitcom.

First, my umbrella was broken (unbeknownst to me), so when I opened it, the entire top popped off, and I’m left holding the stick. I ran after it, thinking it wasn’t raining too hard and I could just walk quickly into the building.  Then the heavens opened.  So, holding the top of my umbrella, I’m trying not to get soaked, when the wind whips up, catches my umbrella, and literally whips me around the other way.  Somehow, I manage to turn back in the general direction of the building, bent over to keep the umbrella from flipping inside out, and then I realize the wind is also catching up my skirt.  So, now I have to hold the skirt down, while I’m bent over, walking against the wind, trying not to get soaked…and I stepped in a puddle – because who has time to watch for puddles in something like that!

Needless to say, my shoes were soaked through, and overall I looked a bit worse for the wear.  But, it was funny to me – one of those times you either have to laugh or cry, so I laughed, as I’m sure you would have, too, had you seen me.  So, emulate this outfit if you’d like, but make sure you check the forecast first.

(Also, please note just how cute these shoes are.  I took a close-up because I really need you to see this print.  Love.)