Remember last week when Tabitha sent me a picture of her necklace, and I came up with a few different ways to style it?  

Well, since then, Tabitha has taken a couple of my tips and brilliantly translated them into her own look.  She was kind enough to let me show you her take, which I’m very excited about!  

In Tabitha’s own words,

So took your last suggestion and wore it today to church. When I put on the white shirt, I realized that the v-neck part was too closed and it wouldn’t show the necklace, so I wore a cami that brought out the same color in the wedge heels I was wearing.

You may remember from the necklace close-up last week that there are specks of blue and green in the necklace so the teal cami/wedges were a perfect choice!  Tab looks so put together, and you know without me saying it that I love the skinny belt as a finishing touch!

Love the outfit, Tab, and thanks so much for sharing with us!  You look great!

If you would like me to style one of your pieces, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments, or by sending me an email at inhershoes77 AT gmail DOT com.  I’ve had issues with the comments that I thought were fixed by removing the “captcha” thing, but then I got all kinda of spam comments, so I put it back on.  Hopefully, you all can get through to me if you want to.  If not, then please do email – I love to hear your feedback!