I’ve often been drawn to blues in my wardrobe.  My mom isn’t a big blue person, but my grandma was – since I think I get a lot of my style tendencies from her, anyway (and now, half of my wardrobe), maybe that’s where it comes from.

Regardless, I have a lot.  And blues are really easy to mix and match – the tones usually coordinate very well without clashing.  So, today is a lesson in wearing as many blues at one time on one’s body as possible!

In outfit one, I’m mixing my royal blue pants with a green-blue striped shirt.  Greens and blues also mix very well, since you have to use blue to make green…it makes sense.  Thank you, kindergarten, for teaching me so many valuable life lessons!

I wore my favorite bluebird necklace from my friend Leah (it’s on backwards, so it looks a little like he’s hiding), and added some multi-hued blue and green bracelets and a navy belt.  Finally, I tied it together with silver earrings and gray shoes – I needed some neutral pieces so I wouldn’t look like I was emulating a bag of Tropical Skittles.  (The shoes do have hints of blue in the fabric lining.)

For outfit two, I combined several shades of turquoise.  When I originally bought this skirt, I thought it was mint green, but upon further reflection, I’ve decided it’s more of a sea foam, a color with more blue then mint has.  My sandals have both green and blue stones, so they can go either way, and the belt and earrings are a deeper hue of the color in the skirt.  In this picture, I’m not loving how bright the turquoise scarf is – it doesn’t blend as well as I’d have liked.  But, it’s not horrible, and I liked it well enough when I picked it out to wear, so I’m showing you, anyway.

What do you think about all those blues?

Outfit 1:
Pants: Kohl’s
Top: H&M (I think?)
Shoes: JCPenney
Necklace: my lovely friend Leah

Outfit 2:
Scarf: a gift
Top: t-shirt from Wal-Mart, and it’s the best t-shirt ever
Skirt and earrings: Francesca’s Boutique
Sandals: LOFT
Bracelet: gift
Belt: NY & Co. (I think)