When I was growing up, my mom would often get on food kicks. I remember a summer where we drank Sunkist soda every day (this summer was also marked by copious amounts of the Price is Right and Goldfish crackers – we had a Sam’s Card that summer).

She also tells the story of being in college, hooked on Pay Day candy bars.  Or when she worked at a restaurant in her 20s, living off of packets of saltine crackers.  Don’t worry; we’re much healthier in my family now.

I think I’m that way with clothes.  I get a new piece that I really like, and I wear the heck out of it.  You may remember this jacket from my weekend outfit I blogged on Monday.  I’d like to say these looks were all very spread out; I guess three times in an 8 day period is kinda spread out.  But, I was on my kick and not to be dissuaded.  Hopefully, the mixing and matching sufficiently masked my obsession.

Look 1
Dress: Ross, maybe?
Jacket: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Hamrick’s (I’m embarrassed to say I’ve ever been in that store, but they actually have some cute things)
Necklace: Leah

Look 2
Dress: Ross (of TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Ross, Ross definitely has the best dress section)
Shoes: Charlotte Russe – these are on their last, dying, crippled leg.  But, I love them.