One day I might take a photography class so I can learn how to take a picture without my hand being in the way.  Since that has obviously not yet happened, I tried to take a close up of my blouse to show you the ruffle.  Use your imagination.

I love when a piece of clothing has several colors in it, making it really easy to mix and match with other things and look really pulled together.  I love my yellow belt and my blue pants, and I’m a fan of those two colors together, anyway.  But, with the blouse incorporating both, the whole outfit looked very put together.  I accessorized with grey shoes, a black sweater, and silver jewelry so as not to compete with the pattern of the blouse or distract from the other already bold colors.

Have a fashionable weekend, everyone, and thanks for reading!  A special shout-out to my friend Jeana and the ladies in her office who, I recently learned, are faithful weekly readers.  I appreciate it so much, girls!