I’ve been a bit of a bad blogger lately.  I’ve run short on inspiration and/or time, so I’ve not taken as many pictures of my outfits as I should.  Here is one from a couple of weeks ago, though, that I’d never posted.  I don’t actually remember where I wore this.  But, I love my white shorts and breezy horse-shoe blouse.  I pretend it’s a Colts shirt, even though it’s not and I’m probably the only one who would notice that.

My like that this shirt is red, white, and blue, but I didn’t want to look too patriotic for whatever non-patriotic event I was attending.  So, instead of wearing star accessories (yes, I have those, obvs), I chose bow flip-flops and brown earrings to tone down the Americana, like I did with my denim jacket/red shorts look from last week.

On an unrelated note, my throat is sore, but I am wearing a cute outfit today which I made time to photograph.  I adhere to the principle that no one should look sick, unless you are actually home, in bed.  Then it’s acceptable.  I’m counting down the hours until that occurs – the in home in bed thing – but in the meantime, I’m glad I’ll have something else worth showing you tomorrow. 

Stay healthy and stylish!