Y’all know how I feel about black. I can only wear it when it’s dreary outside. Since this has been the most rainy summer of my life, though, I’ve been wearing it quite a bit.

Of course, I always remain true to myself with some color.  Turquoise and purple are one of my favorite combos, and I built this look around my cute sandals that I bought in Colombia (yes, that Colombia – I go to cool places, y’all.)

My favorite part of this post, though, is that I can tell you about my awesome friend Sage.  Sage and I went to college together, and she’s an amazing singer.  A few weeks ago, I posted a link on facebook to this Tastefully Trendy entry with the tagline, “I only wear black when it rains. That sounds like it should be a song.”  

Well, Sage went ahead and wrote one!  I just think that is the most awesome thing ever, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Here’s the link to the Youtube video.  It’s a little hard to hear most of the lyrics, but you can definitely make out the “I only wear black when it rains” part.  Sage, thanks so much for writing that, and I’m serious that I’ll promote the heck out of it if you have a studio recording of it someday (plus, I want to live vicariously through your fame!).

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Dress: Old Navy
Belt: NY and Co. (I think?)
Shoes: Colombia’s version of Famous Footwear