The other day, I posted an outfit featuring my massive bag – it reminded me of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. A purse you could carry a dog in.

Upon further reflection on Elle – one of my favorite characters in a movie (beautiful, smart, and a genuinely moral and kind person), I realized that my life is incomplete. I don’t have a signature color.

As we all know, Elle’s color was pink. Obvs. And I love pink, but I don’t wear it enough to borrow it as my own.  I do, however, wear a lot of coral.  A lot.  So, I’ve decided that were I to have a signature color – coral would be it.

Of course, coral is not a timeless color; in a couple years, I’ll either be sick of it or unable to find it anywhere, so my pick is a flawed one.  But for now, I’m happy with my decision.

If you had a signature color, what would it be?