Let’s play a game called, “How well do you know Sarah Beth?”.  Based on the outfit below and what you’ve learned about me from reading my blog, what do you suppose is happening weather-wise where I live?  (Answer is at the bottom of this post.)

Since we were on the topic of wide belts yesterday, I thought I’d show you another outfit where my favorite accessory is fulfilling the same function – hiding the fact that this skirt is a little too tight in the waist.

I realized, though, that there’s another benefit of these magical waistbands that I’d forgotten to mention: they elongate a short torso.  By sticking a belt at my natural waist (which is high), I give the illusion that my waist is actually two inches (or whatever the width of the belt is) longer, since that’s where it looks like my skirt starts.   This makes me seem thinner, too, because I just look taller in general (the heels help with that, also).

A final note on this outfit – this shirt is by Bitten, which, you may realize, means I’ve had it for years.  Bitten was Sarah Jessica Parker’s line at Steve & Barry’s, a store which sadly, no longer exists (RIP, S&B!).  It went bankrupt, probably because everything they sold there cost about the same $3 as I spent on this shirt.  Oh well.

I don’t really remember where most of this is from.  Sorry!

*The answer to “How well do you know Sarah Beth”: it’s raining.  Obvs.