You may find this hard to believe based on my usual blog posts, but sometimes I do have to dress like a real professional adult.  Shocking, but true. (You may also find it hard to believe based on my photography skills that I don’t have jaundice, but that is also true.)

The other day, I had to give a presentation at work, so I decided a tailored blazer was in order.  I use the word tailored instead of conservative, because I hardly think hot pink could be classified as conservative.

For this outfit, I chose to let the jacket color do all the hard work and kept the rest of the look very simple and clean.  Except, my shoes – these are just one of my favorite pairs.

Sometimes I think about what I would wear if I had to dress like this everyday – like, if I worked in a law office or was a Congresswoman.  I’d probably just have a lot more neon suits.

Jacket: swap party win!
Skirt: somewhere in France (I think at H&M, actually)
T-shirt: Wal-Mart – best t-shirt I’ve ever owned.
Shoes: DSW