Yesterday I went nautical again, pairing my current signature color with navy.  (Remember, navy and white + any solid color, equals nautical!)

This outfit is actually not the most flattering look ever on me, but I really liked it for several reasons.  One, I felt very fashion forward by combining my two different stripes – the top and the shoes.  Since the shoes are far enough away from the top, the eye is not confused by the differences in widths and colors, and by keeping them in the neutral navy color, they’re subtle enough to not draw too much attention to themselves.

Two, I felt even more fashion forward – like I am a designer or something – because I’m actually wearing this top backwards. I’m not quite sure how it happened.  I just sort of tried it on backwards, and it worked!  More importantly, it didn’t feel awkward, like things usually do when they’re on backwards.  So, I took out the tag and went with it.   Also, I felt like Reese Witherspoon in this scene from Sweet Home Alabama (4:28-4:45 ish).

Finally, about my shoes again – they are espadrilles, so not only are they a perfect summer wedge like I described yesterday, but they also complete the care-free, I-have-nowhere-else-to-be-but-on-this-yacht look.

Top: Marshalls or somewhere, I think?
Dress: Ross
Belt: NY & Co, or Target – it was a gift
Shoes: Belk