Happy Friday, everyone!

I don’t know if I’ve specifically talked about the omnipresence of sheer right now, but it’s everywhere.  And I really like it!  Of course, being the “tastefully” trendy girl that I am, I always wear a tank underneath.  Even celebs should have more class than to just pretend lingerie underneath sheer counts as being properly covered.  It doesn’t.

This $4 shirt from Body Central has gotten a lot of wear from me in the past few months.  For today’s look (which I actually wore yesterday), I paired it with my favorite coral, added a sparkly belt, a denim skirt I’ve had since college, and some heels to keep the denim from looking too casual.  (Also, the skirt is a weird length for me to wear flats – I look like a frumpy munchkin).

I then took this look on the road, swapping out the longer skirt for a denim mini and the heels for cute sandals.  Much more appropriate for the amazing Miranda Lambert/Dierks Bentley concert I attended last night, and an easy swap to transition from day to casual evening.  (Obviously, I just picked a random Miranda song for the title of this post.  It has nothing to do with what I’m wearing.)

Blouse: Body Central
Tank: Old Navy
Belt: Body Central
Skirt: Ann Taylor, via a friend, many, many years ago.  Quality.
Shoes: Macy’s